Liquid Spaces

During the last couple of months, we’ve been asking ourselves the question about what should be the kind of working space compatible with the organizational deconstruction and social liquidity under analysis.
We’re particularly interested in spaces provided as a service (i.e. coworking spaces), because they embrace although probably unintentionally, the openess, autonomy and liquidity of the future organization as we see it.

It’s also interesting to see how some of them offer a broader network of coworking spaces around the world, and the implicit possibility to work with people from different organization (i.e. natural porousness).

Although we’re still working on our own designs, it’s interesting to take a look at several different workspaces that are currently being used towards this direction.


New York City

New York City


Fueled Collective


The Liquid CIO story @MIX

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Since 2007 I conducted an independent research effort (The Liquid CIO), with the aim to understand if it is possible to think of an IT organization that is truly innovative and engaging, without the limiting effect of the client-provider paradigm and its major structural consequences (i.e. span of control, divisionalization, lack of personal autonomy, etc.).

After a couple of years gathering industry insight and enriching my own conclusions with a bunch of rizomatic related stories from education, science and management, I designed…